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Britech Holding co. ltd. is one of China’s most popular power battery research and development units with its technical research and development centre, production centre and marketing service centre all under one roof. Britech Holding is widely acclaimed as a unique silicone battery manufacturer in China for its ability to produce some of the industry’s most efficient, highly durable and environment-friendly power batteries. Britech Holding is a sheer blend of both experience and expertise.

The company introduces a new high-performance silicone storage battery manufactured at its own unit under its own brand name that uses ultra micron silicone salt composite electrolyte and the technology of directly replacing forming liquid with the electrolyte liquid. The silicone power battery manufactured at Britech Holding co. ltd. has VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) features, but with higher battery capacity. The VRLA battery is otherwise known as no-maintenance battery since it barely requires any maintenance during its lifetime. Due to higher durability, lower self discharge, less inner resistance, better charge capacity and stronger current discharge Silicone battery is much more preferred than Lead acid battery and Gel battery.

Starting from batteries for all domestic uses such as UPS battery, backup battery, power battery, solar battery, electric vehicle battery etc. to batteries required for advanced and sophisticated systems like medical equipment, alarm system, emergency lighting, and defense technology etc. Britech Holding produces a great range of advanced and efficient batteries, which makes sure that “If you have a power requirement, Britech has a battery for you”.

Silicone batteries manufactured at Britech Holding are known for their large storage capacity and adaptability to adverse environment conditions in the temperature range: -400C to 700C. All batteries are eco-friendly and certified as “Green Star” products by the government of China.

If you want the best silicone storage battery for your home or business place, get it at Britech Holding co. ltd. at the best price. For further inquiries please contact us today.

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Our Battery Products

Silicon Backup Battery

The battery has no Acid-Mist, so the equipment doesn’t erode. Similarly, No hydrogen means there’s no danger of explosion. This is a perfect-fit battery for your server room. Due to smaller self-discharge, it preserves almost 80% capacity even after 2 years of storage.

Silicon Power Battery

The new electrolyte made out of silicon salt contains small amount of acid content, so the neutral electrolyte doesn’t erode the plates easily. It provides 80% to 100% longer life to the battery.

Silicon Starting Battery

It can perform efficiently both in cold and hot weather areas in the temperature range: -400C to 700C. Due to smaller self-discharge cars can be started and used anytime. Greater capacity allows more electronic products to be used in cars.